The insurance market has been undergoing several transformations in recent years, becoming more and more technological. The “World Insurance Report 2021” study pointed out that as insurers adopt digital technologies to provide value-added services and seamless delivery, they improve customer engagement and sales effectiveness.

PGPI© is a technological tool that offers a complete and detailed survey of the plant, enabling the diagnosis of the corrosion levels of all the assets that will be insured, an extremely important piece of data for the contract to be effective. The information provided by the solution allows the detection of possible wear and tear, damage, and risk levels in the plant, ensuring more transparent business dealings between the parties, building a policy that objectively shows the rights and obligations of those involved, including maintenance plans by the contractor, in order to mitigate risks.

Strategic policy information

Thorough, smart analysis that maps the company contracting the insurance, indicating the levels of corrosion it presents.

Reduction of risks involved

Anticipation of the risks for the insurance company even before the contract is signed, assisting in the definition of coverage and exclusions.

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