For building project managers, time is money, so getting a job done on time and under budget is critical.

Serving the construction and service provider segment, PGPI© provides a systemic vision of the services to be performed. A careful evaluation of the assets and a detailed equipment inventory is conducted in the data survey stage. Once entered into the system, they provide precise information for contract management, such as the best activities to be performed (painted area vs. execution time), definition of the number of professionals required according to the tasks, and online supervision of the services, enhancing the processes and cutting costs.

Increased Billing

Learn which activities will guarantee you the highest painting volume, providing better measurements and greater profitability.

Contract Optimization

Simplify processes and save man hours. Get a clear picture of labor needs according to the tasks to be performed under the contract.

Online Management

Optimize the overview of the work and services and use online tracking for the activities that are being executed.

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