The service begins with a comprehensive survey of the physical assets, conducted by expert technicians, and based on protocols that follow national and international standards. Based on the data collected, a general and precise inventory of the plant is built, with the diagnosis of all the assets, later registered in the system, resulting in indicators. The KPIs (Key Process Indicators) will guide managers in preparing the maintenance planning for the industrial assets.

After this careful survey, and in possession of the information collected and that will be available online, the customer defines the executive project based on the annual budget available.

PGPI© relies on the Quality Management service to complete the cycle, in which the customer receives support in managing and monitoring activities, ensuring excellence in execution, based on the best management practices.

Our differentials

Anticorrosive protection is a very important activity in industries. Data indicate that the costs with corrosion, in public and private companies, add up to about USD 2.5 trillion/year, equivalent to 3.4 of the global GDP, and if invested in techniques to combat systemic corrosion, the savings could reach 35%, a sum of USD 875 billion/year.

Pioneering and exclusive methods

The methods applied in PGPI© are exclusive and were developed based on 3 engineering chairs: chemistry (corrosion), economics (ROI) and systems (O&M+IT); as well as on national and international standards and are applied to meet the customers’ needs, resulting in cost reductions, economic benefits and technical advantages.

Cost reduction

With the deployment of PGPI©, the programmed savings or “Pay-Back” can reach 50% (fifty percent), if its complete cycle of elimination of the reported liabilities is applied and with the scheduling of the works in the “Better-Bottom-Line” throughout the useful life of the asset.

Online application

PGPI© is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application and can be used at any time, through several gadgets – computer, notebook, tablet, and smartphone. Access is simple and easy.


PGPI© can help your company scale-reduce Carbon (CO2) neutralization. Through the system, it is possible to calculate the amount of carbon that represents the plant’s inventory, providing data regarding CO2 emissions during the corrosion liability recovery cycle.

Our customers

Several segments and several customers – learn more about who trusts our work

The solution serves companies from several different segments, offering control of contracted services with traceability, technology management, increased efficiency, and cost reduction.Entre os projetos PGPI© realizados Among the PGPI© projects carried out are those for BRASKEM, SUZANO, EKA Chemicals do Brasil, and Columbian Chemicals.

Benefits and advantages

Continuous improvement of standards.

25+ years of experience in systemic corrosion control design, execution, and management.

Total cost control and elimination of unscheduled downtime.

Up to 50% reduction in corrosion costs in the long term.

SaaS tool with information available on the Web.

Full traceability of services provided by third parties.

Improvements to the plant’s appearance, safety, and environment.

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